2014 Show Review

The 2014 Elm Bank Auto Show lived up to its name. There was an abundant amount of Mustangs and GTO’s aside some of the finest specimens displayed for all to enjoy. Classic cars, Antiques, Street Rods and Customs filled the show fields which made for a great event. The weather cooperated and there was a “Good” and “Happy” feeling throughout the participants and spectators unlike anything I’ve seen at other shows. The music of “Four on the Floor” was nothing short of perfection. They played all the right songs to keep the listeners happy. DJ Doc who has been spinning tunes at car shows for over twenty nine years knew what to do and just how to play it. He kept things rolling and filled the air with excellent music as well as keeping the folks aware of hour by hour happenings. Big thanks to those guys for a great performance.

The GTO and Mustang displays were crowd pleasers. Starting with the first year of production for both vehicles at 1964 and moving forward to present let onlookers see the transformation throughout the decades. Corvettes from every generation rolled up to “Corvette Hill” and filled the area complimented by NCRS members. From completely stock antiques to mild and wild Street Rods, they were sprawled out along the lawns for all to look at and photograph. The quality and quantity was there and the onlookers were pleased at what they saw.

The staff did an excellent job parking cars on the show field. A large contingent of judges set out at 7:00 AM and worked effortlessly until the final car was judged. A huge thank you goes out to these guys that put many hours of their own time to show their passion for the hobby. The show’s success depends on them doing their job to the best of their ability and I am appreciative and thankful to each and every one of them for a job well done.

The music came to a stop around 3:00 and the awarding of trophies took place. We will provide a list of all the sponsors that help put the show together shortly. Corcoran & Havlin who have been the major sponsor for the run of the show, awarded a Seven Foot Trophy for “Best of Show” along with several other four footers and a large percentage of the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place trophies. Jarvis Appliance was right up there with several of the larger trophies as well as a very special Concours Elite trophy that was handed out in honor of Antonio Jarvis.

The Concours on the Charles had some of the finest classic cars to grace the show field to date. The Concours d’Elegance was completely sponsored and made possible for the second straight year by The Dover Group who are headquartered on the Elm Bank property. They are a leader in the financial consulting business are highly recommended if you are in the need of expert advice. Keith was out greeting folks and enjoying the rare assortment of collectable cars on display.

With the Concours ending with the awarding of beautiful crystal trophies to the top winners in each class,  we then hurried to the stage to award over one hundred trophies to the Elm Bank Show. The Beautiful Miss Elm Bank handed out the trophies and was complimented all one hundred times on her striking appearance.

As usual, the show came to an end and the hand shaking and thank you’s went on till the last pair of tail lights drove away. 2014 Elm Bank Auto Show is in the books. It’s time to start planning for a 2015 show for all to look forward to. Elana {Show Manager} and I thank you very much for making the Elm Bank Show a premier event. We look forward to bringing you a top notch event next year. Enjoy the rest of the shows this summer and keep the hobby alive.

A big thanks to Wellesley Media Corporation for taking the time to film this years show! Check out the link where they captured some great cars and interviewed their passionate owners:


Lastly, any pictures from the event are more than welcome to be sent to me to be posted on the website for all to see! And of course, we will mention your name and give you credit for any pictures you have taken! We love to see them all! Please send them to elmbankautoshow@yahoo.com.


Happy Motoring,


Charlie Harris

CEO / President



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