Winter is here and the snow is flying. All of us have our vehicles safely tucked away from the elements and are anxiously awaiting those spring days to lead us into unwrapping them and letting the first glimpse of sun shine down on the paint and hear the long awaited sounds of that engine. Maybe some have had the luxury of playing in a heated garage or sending it out for modification. Maybe we will get to see someone’s new project unveiled for the first time. Whatever the scenario is, it won’t come soon enough. Watching endless hours of Barrett-Jackson or Chasing Classic Cars into the wee hours of the morning will be replaced with the real deal.

We have been working on the show since the last tail light left the property this past June. We have had meetings and are following up on input given from those that attended last year and years prior. We have added staff and are implementing new ideas. This year’s show will be bigger and better with a few surprises in store for all.

Coming into our twelfth year we have seen new friends come and old friends enjoy their final day in the sun at Elm Bank. We want to take a moment to show respect and thanks to those that had enjoyed and shared the hobby with us all over the years. “You will be missed”.

 A very special thought goes out to KEV TEV. Kevin was to many of you, “the Dee Jay, the MC, the man with the microphone, the gentleman awarding out the trophies, the jokester, the man that teased your kids as they passed by.” To us, he was family. He was a driving force. He was a dedicated family man with a mission. He was a key factor of our show and was more than a voice. He cannot or will not ever be replaced.

This year is the year of the Pony. Happy Anniversary, “MUSTANG”. Ford introduced the Mustang half way through 1964 and has never looked back. We will celebrate the fifty year anniversary this year with a special display. We are looking for quality and unique Mustangs to put front and center. If you own or know someone with a rare Mustang, please contact us so we can make a display area for it. We also want one or two Mustangs from each year. Shelby, Hertz, Cobra, Racing Legends, Custom, Retro Stang or what have you. Please get in touch with us so we can put on a Pony Party to impress all.

Not to be overlooked, John Delorean brought a muscle legend to life in ’64 also.  He added a sport package to a Pontiac and called it GTO. We are looking for all GTO’s to showcase the Pontiac section. If you have a Goat, we want you at the show. “Here Comes Da Judge”. Contact us so we can make space for you.

For the rest of the show field, we have added classes and judging criteria. The show grows larger each year and the quality is getting much more competitive as well. Check out the classes and see where your vehicle best fits. If you want to enjoy and display your vehicle but don’t want to be judged, you are welcome to participate on the show field and not be judged. Email or call with any questions.

We will be putting monthly newsletters on the site to keep you informed. Keep in touch and put June 22nd on your calendar for the Elm Bank Auto Show.


Happy Motoring,

Charlie Harris

Show Promoter


























The 2013 Elm Bank Estate Auto Show is in the books. We had record breaking crowds and the show fields were packed. We would like to thank all of you that attended for help making it the show that it has become. The grounds were filled with some of the nicest vehicles in New England and the diversity of cars and trucks on display makes this one of the premiere shows in  New England. The beautiful back drop of gardens and manicured lawns added to the picturesque setting and enjoyment of walking from show field to show field. If you found your way to the stage area, you were treated to a generous food court and bar where you could grab a bite to eat and listen to the music of Four on the Floor. They are always good, but for some reason they stood out front and center and the compliments echoed through the crowds. Hats off to Four on the Floor for a job well done. We had Dee Jay Kev Tev keeping everything in check and running smoothly. Kev received a lifetime achievement award for his outstanding contribution to the automotive hobby and the superior effort he puts into each event he works. He has been a driving force behind the success of our show. “Kev, you are the best”. A special thanks goes out to Jay Geils for making a special appearance with a collection of his personal Italian cars. He was very generous and autographed a Fender guitar donated by City Music. After many grueling hours of judging, trophies were awarded to over one hundred participants. Many vehicles scored a perfect score which shows the caliber of vehicles that compete amongst each other. Our team of judges led by Bill Mian worked endlessly from seven A.M. till two thirty. A very special thanks to them,  Ms. Elm Bank and our staff made up of family and friends.  If you thought the grounds looked nice, many hours of labor were donated by Deluca and Sons along with Heavy Equipment and supplies. Suburban Landscape provided a full crew week after week leading up to the show. They provided the final touches hours before the show. We would like to thank  you guys for all your support when it was really needed. When the day came to an end and all were thanked for their role in this fantastic day, the roar of thunder filled the air and all that was left were tail lights and exhaust tips. Oh yes, and a massive cleanup to get the grounds ready for the weekly contingent of garden and flower lovers.


We would like to take the time for those of you who missed announcements during the day, or for those who didn’t receive a goody bag with our sponsor list to  acknowledge our largest sponsors, Corcoran & Havlin Insurance,  Herb Chambers of Auburn, The Dover Group in Dover, Erskine LLC of Worcester, Jarvis Appliance and AM Deprisco Jeweler both in Wellesley and to the many other sponsors of trophies. A very special thanks to City Music for providing the Fender guitar that Jay Geils was so generous to autograph and make an appearance as well. An over the top Thank you goes out to Civilized Solutions, Lee Myles Transmissions, Cote Automotive, Quality Auto Body, Main Street Service Center, Express Employment Professionals, Forte’s Parts Connection, Faith Tiberio, H & B Liquors in Worcester, MC Racing, Deluca & Sons Excavating, Suburban Landscaping and Natick Radiator who sponsored multiple classes and trophies. Holliston Jewelers, Snow’s Garage, Bob Johnson’s Auto Literature, Riders Repair, Cleaves, Tom Langan, Medfield Tire and Battery, Sherborn Inn, Captain Marden’s Seafood, Dowse Orchards, Tilly & Salvy’s Bacon Street Farm, Hazel’s Bakery,Fran Gomez Photography, Hogan Tire, YYZ Signs, and  Tina Greenfield of  Coldwell Banker in Wellesley.  We appreciate the sponsorship and the items you may have provided for our goody bags or raffle. If you are in the need for any of these businesses please help support them by giving them a chance to do business with you. We would be glad to provide you with contact information on any of the above sponsors. They are all local and have supported us and we would like all of you to support them in the future. We all have one thing in common, we enjoy the automotive hobby.


This was our inaugural year for our Concours on the Charles division of the show.  If you made your way down to the display, I’m sure you will agree the cars were quite spectacular.  We anticipate next year to be bigger and better and thank each of the car owners for joining us at our Concours debut.  We hope you come back next year to see how this show flourishes as much as our “original “show.   

Thanks to all of you for your emails after the show.  We like to hear your input, it is how we learn and grow.  As always we welcome anyone who would like to help and give time to the show.  As you can see, it has gotten to be quite a handful and the more help we have, the smoother it can run.  Please let us know if you are able to help in the future. 


If any of you have any photos of the show and are willing to share them with us, please email us.  We will gladly put your name with the photos and give you credit, if you wish.  Everyone loves to see their car captured in the eyes of someone else, or maybe even get to see a car they somehow missed the day of the show.  Check out the website periodically,, we  will be adding to it as we go along.  There have also been a few newspaper articles, blogs, and TV broadcasts that will be going on the website also. 

LASLTY, let’s talk about the TRAFFIC JAM…. we all experienced a traffic snafu on the way out. Due to an overwhelmed detail officer, which was out of our control and a medical emergency, the exit road got backed up. The heat was intense and many decided to leave all at once. That may have been O.K. had there not been hundreds of cars still trying to enter the show.  The detail officer ordered my bridge workers to stop all traffic exiting the property until he cleaned up Rt. 16. This was the cause of the outrageous line of cars on our exit road. We thank all of you for your cooperation during this time. Many of you were very understanding as our staff offered apologies. Some were less understanding and were extremely rude to our staff and I offer no apologies to them. Elm Bank is a beautiful venue for a car show. We will study every option and make every effort to ensure a steady flow of traffic for next year’s event.  I followed up with both Dover and Wellesley Police Chiefs. We are working together to see it doesn’t happen again.


We hope you all have a great summer.  Thank you for sharing the day with us.  We hope you enjoyed the show!

Irene and Charlie Harris





Nexus: New England Photos


Photos by Kim Dwelley





Corcoran & Havlin Sponsor


Show promoter Charlie Harris, show manager Irene Harris, with Jack Keefe, President of Corcoran & Havlin Insurance Group


Corcoran & Havlin Insurance Company has been the major sponsor of the Elm Bank Estate Auto Show since its inception.  The insurance company has been servicing the community for 47 years.

President Jack Keefe is a collector of classic cars and his love of the hobby has made it easy for him to become a proud sponsor of this event.






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Video – Dana Volke 2011